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My Story

I wanted to start a mini cartoon strip for my website as a gimmick to spice up my blog posts with some color and humor. I found myself attracted to a few other websites that had a regular cartoon that I looked forward to seeing, and so I wanted to do the same. I also thought it was a very entertaining way to increase traffic to my website. But I wanted to up-the-game by turning a still comic strip into a video.

I'm not an artist and didn't have much time to do voice overs, and had no idea how to animate it, so not much got done. Then I found the perfect Online Cartoon Maker solution that streamlined everything. For my needs, the basic templates worked just fine, as you can make an animated cartoon in just a few minutes. The free version is addictively fun, but this Cartoon Maker also has some paid intermediate and advanced tools to make superb productions for both personal and commercial use up to full feature length cartoons.

You choose, either way, it is a simple and fun way to express yourself and to share it online with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Just submit your name and email address in the form on the right to get instant access to this amazing Online Cartoon Maker.

Dale Powell


Online Cartoon Maker

This Video is the "Simplest Example" of What the Online Cartoon Maker Can Do, and it Literally Took Less Than 5 Minutes to Make!